9/11 Memorial

I remember where I was on September 11th, 2001.

Everyone in the US felt the impact of that day; nowhere more so then in New York City.

. . .

10 years later they opened the partially finished memorial that stands where the buildings used to.

One World Trade Center is still covered in cranes but the glass travels over halfway up the sides.

It has been a long ten years but New York is working hard to rebuild itself.

. . .

To keep the memorial safe, peaceful, and worthy of the people that come to visit, tickets must be reserved ahead of time.

When I went to the reservation site on 9/11/11, it was full until early October. When I went on last week, it was full until January ’12.

Ted and I went last Sunday.

It was incredible and moving and – when we ran into a poster dedicated to ‘daddy’ – almost a little too much.

(1 WTC; the only tree left standing on 9/11)

Never Forget.

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3 thoughts on “9/11 Memorial

  1. Excellent, Kim.
    Our memorial here in PA. is wonderful, too.
    Thank you for the lovely photos.

    -Bob Fenhagen

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